Franz Witte’s Holiday Gift Guide


With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be wondering where to start your gift shopping. No need to fear. We have put a guide together to help you choose the perfect gift for each of your friends and loved ones. From our amazing selection of plant material to our gorgeous goods in the gift shop, we have something fit for everyone.


Houseplants are a great gift for all plant and garden lovers. What makes these gifts so great is there’s a plant for every care level. Whether they are a beginner or an expert houseplant enthusiast, we have something fit for everyone. Below is a list of plants for each care level!

Beginner Houseplants: ZZ Plant, Snake Plant, Philodendron, Spider plant

Intermediate Houseplants: Calathea, Prayer Plants, Bird Nest Fern, Orchid, Tradescantia, Hoyas

Advanced Houseplants: Bananas, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Variegated Monsteras, Alocasia, Venus Fly Traps, Variegated Philodendrons

*Also note that variegated, especially white plants, are particularly more difficult compared to their fully chlorophylled counterparts because they have more delicate light and humidity needs.



Every plant needs a gorgeous pot to live in. We’ve got you covered here at Franz Witte with pottery ranging in many different sizes, colors, and patterns!


Garden Tools

Gifts that give back are always the best kind. Good tools help produce good blooms and harvests. With our variety of garden tools, you’ll be sure to find something to fit the needs of all your loved ones.



Who doesn’t love a good-smelling home? We have candles and other home scents all throughout our gift shop ranging from light and floral to warm and cozy notes. These candles come in many different beautiful containers serving both the purpose of smells and looks!


Tea set

What’s more cozy than brewing a nice hot cup of fresh tea and cuddling up on a crispy autumn day? Give the gift of this gorgeous glass tea kettle set to all your loved ones who enjoy cups of herbal warmth.


Bird feeders

Bring the fun of wildlife watching to your doorstep! With these gorgeous feeders, you’ll be sure to attract all kinds of bird species in your area. This gift is great for those who enjoy the company of our outdoor friends while sipping a warm beverage at home.


For the little ones

What kiddo doesn’t love a stuffed furry friend? With many animals and characters to choose from, including our signature flamingo, these gifts will bring big smiles and hugs to all the little ones.


For the four-legged friends

We can’t forget our four-legged companions this holiday season (or their parents)! Choose from a selection of fun toys, bowls, and accessories to give to the dog moms and dads in your life. Or wrap it up and put it under your tree for your own furry friend to find!


There are so many fun and beautiful things to choose from at Franz Witte. If you are having trouble finding the perfect gift, let our experts help guide you in reaching your gifting goals for the season. For more fun ideas, resources, and more, make sure to follow us on social media as there will be lots of fun things around the Garden Center coming up!

As winter approaches, don’t forget to check out our Winter Garden Survival Guide blog!

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