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Your yard is full of potential

As a homeowner, you face struggles. Neighbors and privacy. Lack of space to relax or entertain. The yard is a little dull and needs some pizazz. We aren’t judging – we just understand.

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Franz witte vs. the competition

If you’re new to the Treasure Valley or it’s your first time working with a landscaping contractor, you rightfully have concerns about hiring the right company. Are they going to rip me off, mislead me, or not deliver the results I want?

There are a lot of “other guys” who pretend to have all the answers and offer a great price tag. What they don’t tell you is they’re going to do a rushed job with an inexperienced crew, without checking irrigation, considering design/ plant placement and long-term health, or offering warranty. They ignore warning signs, obstacles, and red flags in order to seem like they know what they’re doing, but it comes back to haunt you and your budget. Don’t give your future self regrets.

There are a lot of unknowns for homeowners seeking new landscaping. Even those with experience will still face obstacles, difficult decisions, design questions, and worries about who they can trust.

“We used a different landscaper who was cheaper, and the quality of the work just wasn’t as good.
It’s the old adage - you get what you pay for. Re-planting is expensive. Do it right the first time.”
Paula W. • Franz Witte customer

Landscape Contractor vs. “Landscaper”

landscaping with Franz Witte

Cost Breakdown

  • Permits (building, gas, plumbing, sewer)
  • Planning/coordinating (initial site visit, determine accessibility of property, logistics – wheelbarrows vs machines, HVAC, electricians, power to controllers
  • Design (creating plans, layout, concepts, colors, ideas, so homeowners can visualize and get on the same page)
  • Selection and availability of materials (plants, pavers, hardscapes)
  • Irrigation (diagnose, troubleshoot, clean filters, check controllers, replace components)
  • Labor (man hours, training/certifications, OSHA, INLA certifications, ICPI certifications. We invest in our people to make them better, so we are creme de la creme)

Know the difference

Why we come out on top

  • A new yard, on time and on budget
  • Beautiful, awe-inspiring, easy to maintain, and long lasting
  • Fits your personality and complements your home

Why you are a better neighbor

  • Confident, accomplished, healthier and less stressed
  • A builder of sanctuary and gathering for humans and wildlife
  • An inspiration to neighbors and contributor to the community.

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