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Our Founders

Franz and Vicki Witte

53 Years In the Making

In the summer 1971, Franz and Vicki Witte started a Boise landscaping company. No nursery, no maintenance department, just a young couple and their aspirations to build and install awesome landscapes. What started as a summer job turned into one of Idaho’s most successful landscape, maintenance, and garden center companies.

Franz Witte at Nampa location

Why Flamingos?

In 1985, Franz Witte’s wife, Vicki, placed an order for 100 pink plastic lawn flamingos. Alas, when the flamingos showed up, everyone was surprised to find they had arrived in pairs—200 lawn flamingos in total!

Seneca Hull, President of Franz Witte, decided the flamingo would make a perfect logo, which is why we call it our mascot today!

Historical Timeline

  • 1971: The company was founded by Franz Witte and a college friend
  • 1978: State Street location was purchased
  • 1982: Retail nursery added—offering a unique selection of trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials
  • 1985: The flamingos showed up and became our official mascot
  • 1997: Company was incorporated as Franz Witte Landscape Contracting, Inc.
  • 2006: McCall location was established
  • 2007: Seneca Hull became president and partner
  • 2014: Glade Burlingame and Danny Turner became partners
  • 2016: Dave Jedry (McCall) and Joe Gruber became partners
  • 2019: Nampa property was purchased and Cory Whiney became a partner (McCall)
  • 2020: New location groundbreaking and construction begins
  • 2021: State Street closed and Nampa headquarters and garden center opened
  • 2022: Cory Whitney and Nicole Mapp (McCall) become partners


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