Fall Pots: Team Sun or Shade?


Happy FALL! The long wait for this coveted weather is finally here, and we at Franz Witte could not be more ecstatic.

Maybe you’ve already heard it, but we like to beat this drum repeatedly: Fall is a great time to plant, and updating those pots and planters is no exception. The moderate temperatures this time of year causes less stress on plants, and the bright days still allow plenty of sunlight for plants to thrive. Plus, giving your front porch a little fall facelift might be the change you need to freshen up the landscape.

There are many colors to play with this time of year for sun and shade plants. Don’t be afraid to mix annuals, perennials, and even shrubs in your planters. These combinations will often give pots bold color, texture, and contrast.

Don’t forget the forever faithful thriller, filler, spiller mantra, either. If you need a refresher on these elements, you can read them in our blog, Annual Color Pots: 5 Tips for Beginner Gardeners.

We thought it would be fun to show how to use the same color palette for planters in two locations—one sun and one shade—because certain plants thrive in different environments. Check out the deep greens, burgundies, and yellows color that capture the essence of fall! But don’t be afraid to play around with the buffet of options you have this time of year.

Sun Pot

Photo of a black planter in front of a door filled green, yellow, and red sun annuals and perennials

Shade Pot

Photo of a gray planter in front of a white barn filled green, yellow, and red sun annuals and perennials

Color contrast quickly draws the eye to a focal point. Look at how the yellow pops against the dark reds and greens. Foliage also goes a long way because fall’s growing season is significantly shorter than summer. Look for plants with texture to increase interest. Grasses, ferns, kale, dusty miller, and other plants with delicate foliage are a great way to liven up a planter.

Because of fall’s short growing season, plants won’t have much time to fill in, so pack them together for an instant and complete look. Pansies are a quick way to fill in space, give you bright colors, and they can grow in the sun or shade.

Photo of a black planter on a front porch filled with fall annuals and perennials

Ornamental peppers are another fun way to brighten up a sun planter, and we love how the one in this arrangement pairs with the HARLEQUIN penstemon tucked in the back.

Photo of a gray planter in front of a white barn filled with fall annuals and perennials

The pink anemone in this shade pot stands out and harmoniously ties the coral bell blooms together.

We have everything you need to switch from summer to fall, including our handcrafted blend of Blooming Sensations soil. We recommend using Blooming Sensations in annual container arrangements for bigger and brighter blooms, and it contains slow-release fertilizer that lasts all season.

Play around with various combinations of flowers and foliage, and be confident in what you select and how you arrange it; after all, they’re flowers meant to be enjoyed!

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