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We're looking for purpose-driven teammates

Since the company's founding in 1971, Franz Witte has been the Treasure Valley's leaders in landscape construction, nursery & garden supply, and customer service. We're passionate about Idaho horticulture and building better communities. Our clients tell us over and over again how they appreciate our attention to detail, empathy, and quality work — and that's all because of our people. Come work for the flamingo team and transform your career!

10 Reasons to Work at Franz Witte

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Why should you apply for a job at Franz Witte? We asked our staff what they loved about working at Franz Witte and here’s what they said!

1. The people

We hire the best and the brightest people in the landscaping and horticulture industry, who love what they do and want to make a difference. Culture is everything!

2. High quality work

Our reputation is one of excellence, skilled craftsmanship, and sustainability. We only do work that we are proud of.

3. Great company culture

Our work environment is supportive and fun — everyone works hard, but also maintains a work-life balance.

4. Excellent management

It’s easy to succeed when you have great leadership to guide you. At Franz Witte we hire some of the best!

5. Opportunity to learn new skills

Education is essential to achieving continued success. At Franz Witte you’ll have the chance to learn about all aspects of the industry.

6. Top notch resources

We invest in top-of-the line equipment. From our trucks and tools to our greenhouses and golf carts, you’ll always have access to the resources you need to get the job done.

7. Dedication to the community

We love our communities in the Boise, Nampa, and McCall areas, and are always looking for new ways to give back.

8. Being outside

One of the best things about our office is that most of the time, it’s outside! And is there anything better than spending your workday in nature?

9. Steady work

We are busy year-round at Franz Witte, which means there’s never a dull moment.

10. The flamingos!

They’re pink, they stand on one leg, and they are our mascot here at Franz Witte. The flamingo has become our trademark over the years. You will be proud to be part of the flamingo team!