Why should you apply for a job at Franz Witte? We asked our staff what they loved about working at Franz Witte and here’s what they said!

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Come work at Franz Witte!  


Top Ten Reasons to Work at Franz Witte

1. The People

The staff at Franz Witte is friendly, hardworking and fun!

2. High Quality Work

We work hard to provide our clients with high quality work that they can enjoy, and that we can be proud of.

3. Great Company Culture

Franz Witte isn’t just a company; it’s a family and our culture reflects that with its supportive environment and fun, hardworking atmosphere.

4. Excellent Management Team

Not only are our managers knowledgeable and organized, but they’re pretty cool too. It’s easy to succeed when you have great leadership to guide you and here at Franz Witte we have the best leadership in the business.

5. The Opportunity to Learn New Things

Education is essential to achieving continued success. At Franz Witte you’ll have the chance to learn about all aspects of the industry.

6. Top Notch Resources

In order to do our jobs we have to have good resources so we’ve invested in top of the line equipment. From our trucks and tools to our greenhouses and golf carts, you’ll always have access to the resources you need to get the job done.

7. Dedication to the Community

We love our community here in the Boise area and are always looking for new ways to give back.

8. Being Outside

One of the best things about our office is that most of the time, it’s outside! And is there anything better than spending your workday in the great outdoors?

9. Steady Work

With our retail and wholesale nursery and all of our landscaping and maintenance clients we are very busy here at Franz Witte which means there’s always plenty of work to go around.

10. The Flamingos!

They’re pink, they stand on one leg and they are our mascot here at Franz Witte. The flamingo has become our trademark over the years and we hope you’ll be proud to be a part of our flock.

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