Pet-Friendly Houseplants


Sometimes it’s hard being a plant and pet parent. If you’re constantly worrying about whether your plants are pet safe, we compiled a list of a few pet-friendly plants in our greenhouse.

Many plants are toxic to animals once ingested, and we all know that even the most well-behaved pets are bound to get curious and take a bite. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) created an extensive list of plants poisonous to animals.

Make sure your furry friends are safe and sound with these eight suggestions:

Spider Plant


Resilient, low-maintenance, air-purifying, and pet-friendly! Spider plants are wonderful for the home because they quickly adapt to their surroundings and can overcome a few days of neglect.

They grow well in low or partial sunlight and are often used in the home to remove formaldehyde (a common household chemical).

Spider plants also make for great hanging plants. If you’re still worried about your pets attacking the dangling plantlets, hang your spider plant high above swatting paws.

Ponytail Palm


Ponytail palms are popular among beginner plant parents because they thrive in well-drained soil. The thick, elephant-like trunks store plenty of water and act like anchors, so your pets will have difficulty knocking these palms over.

The coarse and curly foliage will also deter any curious biters and nibblers.

Give this plant a bright spot and relax in the fresh air knowing your pets are safe.

Boston Fern


Lucious foliage and feathery form make this plant a no-brainer to add to your plant collection. Keep your Boston fern on a bookshelf or suspend it from the ceiling in a spot with indirect sunlight, and keep the soil moist.



The garden center has various peperomia species, and they are all pet-friendly. With various colors and sizes, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your home. Be cautious, though, because pets can still be harmed if they ingest large amounts of these plants.

Neanthe Bella Palm


This plant, also known as the parlor palm, is a perfect way to add a tropical element to your space. Parlor palms enjoy bright, indirect light (although they can be adaptable to lower light environments), so placing them on a stand or table near a window would be ideal not only for the plant itself but also for your peace of mind knowing it is out of reach.



The Calathea plant is a great option for lower-lit homes as it does best in indirect light. With wide, colorful leaves, and a variety of species to choose from, there is no doubt that this plant would bring vibrant life to your home.

Due to the tropical environment where the Calathea grows naturally, they tend to do best with some humidity.



Looking for a safe yet eye-catching plant to add to your home? Look no further! The Stromanthe is a perfect non-toxic and striking addition to any environment. With its beautiful pastel stripes, this species is a great way to include a fun pop of color in your space.

For the Stromanthe to thrive and maximize its coloring, these plants do best in a warm, well-lit environment, out of direct sunlight.

Air Plant


Air plants are an easy way to add some green to your home as it requires very little care. These plants do not require soil, allowing you to place them in very creative spaces away from pets’ reach. All they require is medium to bright filtered light, a weekly or bi-weekly 5-10 minute water soak, and the occasional misting if needed.

If you tend to forget when to water your plants (we’ve all been there), here is an excellent way to tell when your air plant is needing some attention; Leaves will become droopy, curled, and/or dried out when dehydrated which will indicate that it is time for a good watering.

Pet-Friendly at Franz Witte


Our greenhouse is full of all kinds of foliage, so we know how stressful it can be to find the right one for you and your home. To make it easier for our customers, we have placed the paw stickers photographed below on all our pet-friendly plants! That way you can spend less time researching and more time shopping.

Our team of specialists would be happy to assist you online and in our garden center for any further questions you may have. Make sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram for more updates, information, and new arrivals!

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By Faith Jamison

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