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As a property manager or HOA rep, you have a lot of responsibility. Everyone who lives in, visits, drives by, and works in the community is affected by the quality of the landscaping.

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We have the best, most knowledgeable staff in the Treasure Valley. They understand the intricacies of maintaining landscapes and will ensure yours is taken care of right.

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Franz Witte’s mission is to help you succeed. See below how we can help you with your HOA maintenance. 

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Client Testimonial

"[Since Franz Witte] it is all starting to look way better, and I think with a year of correct fertilization and watering schedules, and wisdom and observation from a competent landscape company (yes I really mean that) it is starting to work. The white planters look great. How [they] changed the watering schedule for them really works!"
- Adam R.
"The crews are professional; they take care to keep the gate closed, to not damage existing plants, and they installed the liner and rocks exactly as we discussed. They were pleasant and willing to explain why they were doing different methods of installation. Many thanks for a job well done and for their outstanding attitude. The work reflects the quality I have come to expect from Franz Witte.”
- Terry W.
"One of the employees, Heidi, who does the landscape maintenance in the Fall Creek subdivision, just does an outstanding job. I see her working and it's just a delight. I don't actually live in the subdivision, but I drive by there all of the time. I just drive by real slow to marvel at the great job."
- Donna G.

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