We welcome your request for donations.

Let us know how we can help you.

Franz Witte welcomes your requests for donations, and tries to accommodate as many requests as time and resources allow. You can help us in this process tremendously by being thorough and thoughtful in your request, so that it may be processed as quickly and as accurately as possible. Please pay special attention to the following:

Organization Name and Tax ID number. We need to know who you are, and that you are a real organization that can be verified. We also need you Tax ID number for our own tax purposes.

Responsible Party’s Contact Information. We need to know who to contact if there are questions or concerns, and who will be responsible for handling the donation. If we can’t reasonably contact someone who knows something about your donation request, your request may be denied.

Donation Request Information. Please be as specific and thorough as possible in this section. It is a lot quicker and easier to process requests if we know what exactly is being requested. We also want to know specifics about what the donation will be used for. The more information we have, the better we are able to determine the merits of your request. If we have to guess as to what you are looking for, or we can’t find out what it will be used for, your request may be denied.

Donation Deadlines. Please be considerate when sending a donation request and give us adequate time to process it. Last minute requests are likely to be denied if we don’t have adequate time to review them. We need at least 2-3 weeks, preferably a month or more to process requests. The less time you give us, the more likely it is that your request will be denied. This is especially true in our busier season.

Promotional Materials and Acknowledgments. We always welcome acknowledgments, website links, and being included in your promotional or event materials. If you are going to mention us, please let us know on the donation form. We will gladly get you contact and website information, logos and company images, or company “donated by” signage if you let us know ahead of time.

Please include a cover letter on your organization’s letterhead. The form gives us a quick reference for your request information, but we would also like a more detailed description of the nature of your request and your organization. Please provide this on your organization’s official letterhead.