Franz founded Franz Witte Landscape Contracting, Inc. in 1971 because he was passionate about building cool landscapes. Forty-six years later he is just as passionate as he was when he started the company. He enjoys sharing those passions with a new generation of owners and craftsmen in our Boise and McCall operations. Franz also served as President of the Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association and was involved in its inception way back in the day.

our staff

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Our Staff.

Danny Turner


Franz Witte

Joe Gruber

Managing Partner Franz Witte-McCall, LLC

Vicki helped build the company, working on the administrative side for the first 25 years. She currently serves as a member of the board and whispers “retirement, retirement” in Franz’s ear. She can also be credited with ordering the first flamingos after a crazy idea by Franz…and the rest is history.

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Nice to meet you!

VP of Construction Dept

Dave Jedry

Seneca Hull

Vicki Witte



Glade Burlingame

VP & controller

VP of Maintenance Dept

Glade has worked with the company for twenty years! Prior to joining the flock, he worked for the international accounting firm Deloitte but longed to be part of growing a local company. He graduated from Boise State with a Bachelor in Accounting and loves to explore remote, out of the way places in Idaho.

Joe brings over 25 years of experience in landscape maintenance and management and is our newest partner. He has helped Franz Witte expand in the commercial and residential areas tremendously. Joe has 3 sons, is rarely seen without a hat on and wears shorts all year round. He is also serving as the Idaho Nursery and Landscape’s President for a second year.

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Seneca has a Bachelor of Business Administration at Boise State University and is now President of Franz Witte. She learned the business from being a water girl up to helping bring together the flock under our current logo. She is both a Certified Landscape Professional and a Certified Nursery Professional, has served as the President of the Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association as well as involvement in several national associations and enjoys keeping the flock headed towards the future as a team.

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