In addition to plant material, our nursery carries many other products to compliment its plants, including... 

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  • Beautiful selection of pottery
  • Soil Amendments
  • Trellises
  • Garden tools, gloves and hats
  • Window Boxes
  • Garden boots and clogs
  • Vegetable starts and seeds
  • Blooming Sensations specialty potting soil
  • Raised garden beds - custom built by request
  • Flamingos!


We also stock all the essential products to keep your plants healthy and growing vigorously, such as fertilizer, weed barrier, compost, and mulch. We can always deliver or install whatever new deck pot or tree you have purchased.

If you’re looking a special gift for someone, we have gift certificates available as well.

We really dig what we do.  


Plant of The Week!

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This week's Plant of the Week is Butterfly Weed, also known as Asclepias Tuberosa. This bright yellow bloomer attracts butterflies and has fluffy white seed pods that make it a unique garden staple.