Our Maintenance Department can handle anything.

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From backyards to large commercial properties our Maintenance Department can do everything from pruning to irrigation.

It's a dirty job, but we love to do it.  

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Commercial Maintenance

Our weekly and biweekly Residential Maintenance contracts can include the following services:

  • Mowing
  • Lawn Care
  • Applications
  • Color Programs
  • Pruning and Trimming

Residential Maintenance Process:

  1. Contact Us
  2. Initial Consult
  3. Proposal
  4. Service

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How much does a Maintenance contract typically cost?
Every contract is different and depending on which services your select and how large the area is. We pride ourselves on offering fair prices and giving you great value. Your account manager will work with you to create a contract that works with your budget.

How often should I have my yard taken care of?
The short answer is, it depends. Every yard is different and needs a different care regimen. Our account managers are very knowledgable and can recommend that right frequency for your yards needs.

Do you offer one-time only maintenance services?
Most of our services are only offered through our maintenance contracts but we do offer one-time spring and fall cleanups and irrigation turn offs. Our schedule fills up fast so call today and press 3 to talk to our staff about getting on the list!